Character Profile - Captain Planet

Ted Turner's alter - ego.

Name: Captain Planet

Origin: Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Classification: Elemental spirit superhero

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, bu appears to be in his 20s'

Powers and Abilities: Super strength,super durability, super resistance to injury, super speed, flight, super reflexes, super agility, immortality, regeneration, shapeshifting, matter manipulation, elemental manipulation (all 4 classical elements), telepathy, can survive in space and underwater, can recover power from natural phenomena like water, sunlight, etc.

Destructive Capability: City level+

Range: At least several kilometers

Weaknesses: Pollution of all forms, intense hatred, if he gets too far away from earth or if Gaia is depowered he loses his powers

Lifting Strength: In the 100 tons range

Striking Strength: In the hectotonne (100 tons of force) range

Durability: City level+

Endurance: Basically inexhaustible as long as he doesn't come into contact with pollution

Speed: Largely hypersonic (at least mach - 10)

Intelligence: Fairly intelligent, lots of experience using his powers

Standard Equipment: None notable