Character Profile - Kid Buu

What a kid.

Name: Kid Buu

Origin: Dragon Ball

Classification: Magical construct/artificial djinn-like demon

Gender: Male

Age: At least thousands, possibly millions of years old

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super leaping, super durability, invulnerability, super resistance to injury, super endurance, super speed, flight, teleprtation using Kaikai, super reflexes, super agility, afterimage creation, super dexterity, immortality, longevity, regenerative healing factor, manipulation and use of ki both defensively (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin) and offensively (can shoot ki blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up entire planets), energy sensing, can absorb enemies, can imitate techniques after viewing them, severed body parts can operate independently, shapeshifting, survives in space, skilled martial artist

Destructive Capability: Stellar level+

Range: At least several planetary diameter

Weaknesses: Rather unintelligent, regeneration will fail if he takes sufficient physical damage

Lifting Strength: Around 1,000,000 tons

Striking Strength: Around 1 petatonne (1,000,000,000,000,000 tons of force)

Durability: Stellar level+, but regeneration makes it nearly impossible to kill him

Endurance: Largely superhuman

Speed: FTL (around 10x the speed of light)

Intelligence: Kid Buu isn't very intelligent at all acting like a caveman or wild animal

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Absorption: A very broken attack where Buu throws a piece of his body to wrap around the opponent which then absorbs them as part of himself and gains their power, knowledge, and techniques.
  • Death Ball: Makes a large energy ball that can destroy a whole planet in a matter of seconds.
  • Kamehameha: A powerful beam of ki, can destroy a planet if enough power is put into it
  • Kaikai (Kaioshin Version of Instant Transmission): Instantly teleports to a location, does not need to sense ki to do so
  • Mouth Beam: Buu fires a powerful energy blast from his mouth. Used against Gohan, Vegeta, and Gotenks.
  • Vanishing Beam: A technique used many times by Buu; it is usually an average-sized, pink or purple beam fired from the palm.