Character Profile - Storm

She creates storms and her name is Storm.

Name: Ororo Munroe, Storm

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Human mutant

Gender: Female

Age: In her 30s' - 30s'

Power and Abilities: Athletic strength, athletic leaping, athletic durability, athletic resistance to injury, athletic endurance, athletic speed, flight, athletic reflexes, athletic agility, Weather manipulation, lightning and lightning force manipulation, energy manipulation, including, but not limited to, electro - magnetic energy absorption/manipulation, kinetic energy manipulation, thermal/internal energy manipulation, radiant/solar energy manipulation, chemical energy manipulation, environmental adaption, magic, planetary link, willpower and telepathic immunity, skilled fighter, skilled markswoman, skilled thief, skilled tactician, skilled gardener

Destructive Capability: Planet level+

Range: Planetary

Weaknesses: Storm's power is affected by her emotions and her willpower, overuse of her powers can cause extreme exhaustion, if she becomes enraged, she can cause devastating storms, has severe claustrophobia

Lifting Strength: Around athletic human level (254 lbs)

Striking Strength: Around athletic human (254 lbs of force)

Durability: Wall level+, but can survive any elemental attack

Endurance: Around athletic human

Speed: Around athletic human, but flight is at least 600 miles per hour

Intelligence: Skilled fighter, skilled markswoman, skilled thief, skilled tactician, skilled gardener

Standard Equipment: Knife and staff for necessary occasions

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Acid Rain: Storm is capable of causing acid rain to fall down on her enemies.
  • Atmospheric Pressure: Storm can affect the pressure of the atmosphere to her will.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Storm's most common method of offense, she can fire a real, natural lightning bolt from the sky, shoot lightning from her hands, create EMP's, manipulate and perceive electromagnetic fields, screw with a person's bio-electricity and generate electrolysis, allowing her to breathe underwater. She can even use cosmic lightning bolts in space.
  • Flash Flood: Storm can instantly create a flood of water.
  • Flash Freeze: Manipulates the temperature to instantly freeze her opponent solid.
  • Fog: She can make a fog thick enough to hide herself in. She can make it acid for offensive corrosive purposes.
  • Hail: Can rain hail down on her enemies.
  • Humidity: Storm can increase the temperature to extremely high degrees.
  • Hurricane: Storm can create large scale hurricanes.
  • Hydrogen Bomb: Storm gathers hydrogen into a particular area and then uses electricity within that area to ignite it, causing a massive explosion.
  • Pressure Field: Storm can create a field of pressure around herself and use it as a shield.
  • Telepathy Protection: Storm's electrical powers in combination with her will power gives her protection from telepathy.
  • Wind Manipulation: Uses the wind as a powerful attack. Her control over wind is powerful enough that Storm can instantly create large tornadoes and make vacuums that suck away the air. She also uses the wind to make herself fly and increase her physical strength. Her winds even managed to affect the Hulk. She can also use solar winds.