Character Profile - Taskmaster

He's a master of all tasks... the Taskmaster.

Name: Tony Master, Taskmaster

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Human mercenary

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Power and Abilities: Photographic reflexes, an ability that enables him to watch another person's physical movements and duplicate them without practice as long as it is physically possible for him to accomplish. Skilled in all present-day and many historical martial arts, including boxing, wrestling, swordsmanship, archery, marksmanship, gymnastics, and aerial combat. He is also capable of emulating the styles of those he has observed; including Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, the Punisher and Deadpool. In addition, he is a very capable marksman, able to emulate Bullseye's perfect aim, as well as that of the Punisher and Hawkeye. Once Taskmaster has assimilated another fighter's style, he is often able to predict his opponent's next move. However, this advantage can be negated by fighters who are too unpredictable. In addition, Taskmaster has discovered that after watching martial arts movies on fast-forward he is able to briefly duplicate the moves at a greatly increased velocity, effectively giving him a limited form of super speed.

Attack Potency: Street level+

Range: 10s' of dozens of feet with various weapons

Weaknesses: Powers are purely dependent on sight and restricted to physical motions, fear of water, using "super speed" puts great strain on his body and he can not use it for extended periods.

Lifting Strength: Around peak human (800 lbs)

Striking Strength: Around peak human (800 lbs of force)

Striking Strength: Peak human

Stamina: Peak human

Speed: Limited superhuman, otherwise he's just peak human

Intelligence: Smart enough to figure out that hiring himself out to train others was a better move than just being a supervillain, able to predict the moves of his opponents, has photographic memory

Standard Equipment: Typically carries a large number of duplicate weapons used by other heroes and villains (Captain America's shield for example), pair of semi - automatic handguns and a katana, a prototype wrist - mounted device which can spontaneously create simple shapes out of solid energy