Character Profile - Thanos

Thanos of Titan.

Thano, Thanos of Titan

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Mutant Titanian Eternal

Gender: Male

Age: Hundreds, possibly thousands of years old

Powers and Abilities: Many cybernetic, genetic, and mystical enhancements to his body and his armor, Superhuman strength, kills immortal beings, superhuman leaping, superhuman durability, invulnerability, superhuman dense skin, muscle, and bone tissue, superhuman resistance to injury, superhuman stamina and endurance, superhuman speed, levitation, teleportation, dimensional travel, superhuman reflexes, immortality, longevity, superhuman immune system, regenerative healing factor, cosmic senses, cosmic awareness, psychometry, strength, durability, cosmic energy manipulation, creation of forcefields, telepathy, immunity to telepathic assault, transmutation, can heal others, time manipulation, energy projection/absorption, limited reality warping, also highly resistant against reality warping, dimensional manipulation, illusion creation, can encase targets in a nearly impenetrable block of solid energy, telekinesis, can use various forms of magic, has can absorb other beings to become more powerful, outside the realms of Chaos and Order, can survives in space, mastery of armed and unarmed combat, genius - level intellect

Weaknesses: Little defense against soul - based attacks, although his soul is described as being so twisted and evil that even a very powerful being coming into contact with it directly would become corrupted, can be KO'd, his movement speed is limited and he cannot truly fly, only levitate, vulnerable to Drax, a being created by a cosmic entity specifically designed to kill him, sometimes subconsciously allows himself to lose

Attack Potency: Solar System Level | Universe Level | High Hyperverse Level

Range: Universal+

Speed: Massively Hypersonic | Massively FTL+ | Immeasurable

Durability: Solar System Level | Universe Level | High Hyperverse Level (regeneration and immortality make it nearly impossible to kill him)

Lifting Strength: At least 1 septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) | Immeasurable with Infinity Gauntlet

Striking Strength: Solar System Class | Universal | High Hyperversal

Stamina: Limitless

Standard Equipment: His chair which can teleport, cross dimensions, cloak him from the senses of cosmic beings, and fly at FTL speeds. It also has weapons that were stated to be strong enough to kill Adam Warlock, who has taken star - destroying attacks and survived. His armor and clothing contain a vast amount of devices that increase his stats as well as give him many different types of weaponry and allow him to draw power from various sources across the universe and other dimensions. Sometimes the Reality Gem (which allows him to warp reality, such as resurrecting the dead) is considered to be part of his standard equipment, even though he rarely uses it

Intelligence: Hypergenius - level intellect, capable of easily building such things as time machines, advanced robots, fleets of intergalactic starships, planetbusting weapons, hacking into the planetary defense net of a technologically advanced species and reprogramming it in minutes to far exceed its original capacity, mastery of many martial arts (trained Gamora, the "deadliest woman in the universe"), mastery of battle with weapons and advanced technology, vast knowledge on cosmic beings (was able to outsmart Galactus), incredibly good manipulator, capable of plotting and tricking other beings to do his bidding, has created powerful clones of himself including one based on Galactus himself, knowledge of magic, always has a failsafe or a backup plan

Tier: 4-B | Low 2-C | High 1-B

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Force Block: Originally shown in the form of a gun, this weapon creates a block of force around a target. It was powerful enough to restrain Power Gem Thor (who had previously wrecked the team of Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange, Drax, Maxam, and Moondragon) for hours. Later it was shown that he had incorporated this technology into his armor/body, and it even managed to restrain Odin for a very brief period.
  • Teleportation: Thanos cannot only teleport himself, but others as well, and his control of these teleportation portals was precise enough to intercept the Silver Surfer while he was flying through space at high speed. Appears to be limited to his current universe as he is currently unable to escape from the cancerverse.
  • Time Mind Sync Warp: A psychic attack he used on Drax, it plunges the victim's mind into insanity, causing death or incapacitation. Drax was able to resist it for a while due to his incredible will/cosmic origins, but eventually fell to the attack, although he recovered later.