Character Profile - Ultron

Phalanx Ultron.

Name: Ultron

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Android/AI

Gender: N/A

Age: Around 40 years old

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super durability, adamantium body, indestructibility, invulnerability, super dense metallic body, super resistance of injury, Super stamina endurance, super speed, flight, super reflexes, super agility, speed, regenerative healing factor, super intelligence, destructive energy blasts, mind control, electro - magnetic spectrum energy absorption and conversion, forcefields, can transfer his consciousness into other machines and computers, technopathy, hacking, shapeshifting, nanotechnology

Destructive Capability: At least city level+

Range: Technopathy can extend across an entire galaxy when boosted by the Phalanx, energy attacks can reach up to several kilometers

Weaknesses: Early models could have their internal components damaged or destroyed by attacks such as Human Torch's nova flames, Wonder Man's physical attacks, and Scarlet Witch's hex bolts, matter manipulation and other such powers can damage or destroy his body, susceptible to energy draining, is creations tend to turn against him

Lifting Strength: Varies, depends on which version is fighting, can range from class 90 tons - 100 tons to 1,000,000 tons

Striking Strength: Varies, depends on which version is fighting, can range from class 9 decatonnes (90 tons of force) tons - 1 hectotonne (100 tons of force) tons and 1 gigatonne (1,000,000 tons of force), he has even stomped the Avengers including Thor and Hulk

Durability: At least Star level+, adamantium is indestructible to anything short of cosmic level force, his Phalanx form was destroyed by a supernova and had to use another body, so Phalanx Ultron is not made out of adamantium

Stamina: Limitless

Speed: Varies depends on the version, from at least supersonic (750 mp/h) to even massively hypersonic+ (at least mach - 10)

Standard Equipment: Various weapons, sometimes multiple bodies, other robots and machines he has built

Intelligence: Has Hank Pym's inventing genius (only evil), robotic genius level intelligence, great robotic creator (an example is Jocasta), excellent schemer and strategist, can think and process information at super speed

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Encephalo - Ray: Fires a psychic beam which can put organic minds in a coma, kill, or mind control them.
  • Phalanx Virus/Powers: When he merged with the alien machine civilization known as the Phalanx, he gained this ability to spread this technorganic virus which can take control of technology and organic beings alike. It can be resisted to an extent with enough cosmic power, as shown by Nova and the Worldmind with the Nova Force. With his Phalanx powers, he can download himself into a new body quite easily, can build a gigantic body, which can greatly increase his stats.