Character Profile - Underworld

He knows the criminal underworld.

Name: Jack "Jackie" Dio, Underworld

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Enhanced human to the peak of human potential

Gender: Male

Age: In his 20s' - 40s'

Power and Abilities: Peak human strength, peak human leaping, peak human durability, peak human resistance to injury, peak human endurance, super resistance to fatigue, peak human speed, peak human reflexes, peak human agility, regenerative healing factor, peak human hearing, peak human smell, peak human taste, peak human vision, infrared vision, target locking, peak human mental processing, skilled fighter, skilled marksman, skilled tracker

Destructive Capability: Building level

Range: Couple 100 feet with guns

Weaknesses: Still basically human and can be killed by things that would kill humans (knives, bullets, etc.) if he gets hit by them

Lifting Strength: Around 800 lbs

Striking Strength: Around 800 lbs of force

Durability: Wall level

Endurance: Above peak human, can continuously run, fight, and exert himself without feeling fatigue, although he will need to rest eventually

Speed: Peak human, but reflexes are arguably supersonic+

Intelligence: Peak human mental processing, skilled fighter, skilled marksman, skilled tracker

Standard Equipment: Special sunglasses (composed of an extremely durable, though unidentified, substance. The glasses enable him to see in the dark perfectly via infrared imaging. Through some unexplained technology, the glasses are connected to the bullets that he fires from his gun. The glasses lock onto a target and once he fires the bullets, they'll follow a target no matter what the target does to get away, even if he/she runs around corners.), titanium - lined coat, 2 pistols, adamantium bullets