Character Profile - War Machine

War Machine.

Name: James Rupert Rhodes, War Machine

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Human cyborg militant

Gender: Male

Age: At least 30 years old

Power and Abilities: Super strength, super durability, invulnerability, super resistance to injury, super endurance, super speed, flight, super reflexes, super agility, advanced sensors, disassemble and assimilate technology, phasing, invisibility, energy projection, magnetism, electro - magnetic pulse generation, radiation immunity, survives in space, super intelligence

Destructive Capability: Mountain level+

Range: Several dozen kilometers

Weaknesses: None notable

Lifting Strength: Around 100 tons

Striking Strength: Around 1 hectotonne (100 tons of force)

Durability: Mountain level+

Endurance: Largely superhuman, but can recharge with solar energy

Speed: Hypersonic+

Intelligence: Trained United States Marine, decent knowledge on aircraft and aviation engineering, flies nearly any kind of aircraft, skilled fighter, strong business acumen, cyborg nature allows him to think and process information much faster than a normal human being

Standard Equipment: His battlesuit (composed of materials including Titanium and Wakandan Vibranium, contains many weapons such as machine guns, laser - guided missiles, lasers, repulsor beams, plasma blasters, a powerful unibeam projector, miniguns, plasma blades, flamethrowers, particle beams, electro = magnetic pulse generator, sonic generators, computer systems capable of targeting and analyzing opponents to determine their strengths and weaknesses, including their "kill counts", forcefield generator, magnetism manipulation, stealth/invisibility technology, ability to survive in space and underwater, his brain interfaces directly with the armor, allowing it to respond at the speed of thought, and includes technology to create new weapons from scratch based on his needs, can create remote - controlled drones, hologram projectors, very resistant to viruses and hacking attacks, regenerates)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Electro - Magnetic Pulse Generator: Can shut down every electronic device within a 50 - mile radius.
  • Technology Assimilation: Using magnetic fields, he can disassemble technology (such as planes, tanks, robots, etc.) and assimilate their functions into his armor, repairing it and giving it new abilities.