Character Profile - Wonder Man (Marvel Comics)

Wonder Man.

Name: Simon Wlliams, Wonder Man

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Ion energy being, formerly human

Gender: N/A, formerly male

Age: In his 30s'

Power and Abilities: Superhuman strength, superhuman leaping, superhuman durability, invulnerability, superhuman resistance to injury, superhuman stamina and endurance, superhuman speed, levitation and flight, superhuman reflexes, superhuman agility, immortality, longevity, self - sustanence, super hearing, superhuman vision, energy manipulation/projection, size manipulation

Destructive Capability: Dwarf Star Level

Range: At least 50+ feet while he's 100+ ft in height, over several 100 feet with ion energy projection

Weaknesses: None notable

Lifting Strength: At least 1 sextillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) tons

Striking Strength: Dwarf Star Class

Durability: Dwarf Star Level

Stamina: Limitless

Speed: Speed of sound flight speed, but reflexes are largely hypersonic+

Intelligence: Gifted intellect, gifted actor, gifted stuntman, skilled combatant, degree in electrical engineering

Standard Equipment: None notable