Character Profile - Wraith


Name: Zak - Del, Wraith

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Alien/Kree corrupted by the exalon

Gender: Male

Age: In his 30s'

Power and Abilities: Super strength, super durability, super resistance to injury, super resistance to pain, super endurance, super speed, super reflexes, super agility, longevity, regenerative healing factor, non life - form, plasmoid summoning, energy absorption, fear inducing exposed soul, skilled fighter, skilled pilot

Destructive Capability: Building level+

Range: At least a 100ft with his gun, but several kilometers with exalon plasmoids

Weaknesses: Insanity

Lifting Strength: Around 1 ton

Striking Strength: Around 1 tonne (1 ton of force)

Durability: Building level, but regeneration makes him nearly impossible to kill

Endurance: Superhuman

Speed: Above peak human

Intelligence: Skilled fighter, skilled pilot

Standard Equipment: Spaceship, Gun that can transform into a whip, though it's said to intuitively respond to the wielders needs

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Summoning of Exolon Plasmoids: The Exolon parasites cover Wraith's body in a black membrane, enabling regenerative healing, enhanced strength and longevity; it also prevents scanners from identifying him as a life-form. Wraith can cause the Exolon to swarm (controlling them from kilometers away) and use "the sight of an exposed soul" to strike deadly fear into his opponents, coat up to 15,000 giant objects at once to protect them from being hacked by techno-organic beings like the Phalanx and absorb energy blasts and the souls of other beings. If he is rendered unconscious, the swarm disperses.