Introduction Edit Edit

Stamina is an attribute that allows a certain character to remain active, exert itself to prolonged periods of time, and recover from ordeals.

Stamina Levels Edit Edit

  • Below Average- Usually impaired characters or characters that rarely work out.
  • Average- The stamina an average person would have.
  • Above Average- A person superior to the average persons stamina, most likely an atheletic person.
  • Peak Human- The highest a human can be in stamina.
  • Superhuman- Stamina that surpasses peak human limitations.
  • High- Stamina considered high for even a superhuman.
  • Very High
  • Extremely High
  • Incredibly High
  • Godlike
  • Godly
  • Virtually Inexhaustible
  • Nigh-Limitless
  • Nigh-Infinite
  • Inexhaustible
  • Immeasurable
  • Limitless- Characters that can use their abilities any number of times without exhaustion.
  • Irrelevant
  • Infinite