Template for creating a character profile.

Picture (A picture of the character. If no picture can be found, write picture unavailable. Official art is to be prefered over fanart.

Name: (Name of fictional character)

Origin: (The fiction that the character comes from)

Classification: (Nature of the character. Usually includes species and occupation, for example, human martial artist, or alien conquerer)

Gender: (Gender of the character)

Age: (Age of the character)

Powers and Abilities: (Summary of the character's special powers and abilities)

Destructive Capability: (Amount of damage the character can cause, usually with a single attack unless otherwise noted. Listed based on real-world scalings, for example building level, city block level, city level, country level, planet level, etc.)

Range: (How far reaching an attack from the character is)

Weaknesses: (Any weaknesses the character may have)

Lifting Strength: (Physical lifting strength of the character. Measured in the imperial measurement system)

Striking Strength: (Physical striking strength of the character. Measured by explosive force in a single strike, for example, megaton, gigaton, teraton, etc.)

Durability: (The amount of damage the character can survive. Based off the Destructive Capability scaling.)

Endurance: (The amount the character can exert until exhaustion or losing most of their power if known via feats. Include power-ups and special modes.)

Speed: (Speed of the character. Either measured in actual units, or via ranges like Supersonic, Hypersonic, etc.)

Intelligence: (Intelligence level of the character. Usually listing feats)

Standard Equipment: (Anything the character usually carries with them or uses in battle)

Notable Attacks/Techniques (A sampling of the character's attacks, abilities, or special moves, not necessary to list all of them, but the major/important ones should be covered. Each should be accompanied by a brief description of the technique and what it does)

Key: (Optional: Used to separate different transformations and the like), done like so: 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th

Blank Template:Edit

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Power and Abilities:

Destructive Capability:



Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:





Standard Equipment:

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit